Medical education and reference materials are valuable assets across the profession and are fundamental in maintaining skills and supporting growth and progress to new levels of expertise.

Since 1994 Focus77 has provided expert resources in text, electronic media and internet based learning from the world’s leading publishers, some of which are small, niche and unique. Our global customers cover all areas of medicine across primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Some classics remain on our stock bookshelves which are relevant in many ways. Some remain current and still offer the support they were designed to give while others simply deserve a place in a serious medical library.

We are making the publications available for a temporary period while we reconfigure and prepare the Focus77 site for a new range of medical education.

In many cases there is only one copy of the listed publication and none have the electronic media where listed. Most are pristine, a few have minor shelf wear and others are boxed new.

Shipping is free in the UK and we will ship anywhere in the world but please contact us for a quote. If you have any questions please let us know.