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Medical education across the professions is crucial to maintain skills and support growth and progress to new levels of expertise.

Since 1994 Focus77 has provided expert resources in text, electronic media and internet based learning from the world’s leading publishers, some of which are small, niche and unique. Our global customers represent all areas of medicine across primary, secondary and tertiary care.

Between 1999 and 2017, under a separate division, ‘Conduct Management’, we took a hospital departmental resource which supported local communities and co-developed it into a professional Internet based multi product, covering child behavior, adolescent behavior and behavior caused by autism. We marketed the products, ‘Behavior Toolbox’, with great success across education, healthcare and mental health in most English speaking countries around the world and several non English speaking countries. Development reached its pinnacle in 2017 which allowed us to refocus and move on to new challenges.

Developing efficient ways of delivering high quality, relevant and current education products is the challenge for 2019.